Vietnamese Community in Australia – WA Chapter Inc.

found 1978

Office: Unit 4 & 5, 151-155 Brisbane St, Perth, W.A. 6000,  Ph: (08) 6162 9731

Tel 9227 6255, Fax 9227 6116,  Direct contact: 0488 042 182

Email: office@vietnamesewa.org.au Website: www.vietnamesewa.org.au

ABN: 78 936 522 494

The Vietnamese Community in Australia / Western Australia Incorporated

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The Organisation

The Vietnamese Community in Australia/WA Chapter is a non-profit organization, which was formed in 1978 by Vietnamese who love Freedom and consists of all Vietnamese Australians and permanent resident Vietnamese who are permanently living in Western Australia, regardless of their gender, religion, and organization as long as they share the same purpose of serving Vietnamese Community;

The Vietnamese Community in Western Australia is a member of Vietnamese Community in Australia (VCA);

The Association is the formal and unique body of the Vietnamese Community in Australia to represent Vietnamese community who are living in Western Australia.

The Vietnamese Community in Australia is the elected umbrella organisation representing all Australians of Vietnamese origin. Each mainland State has a Chapter, whose representatives are elected in open elections every 2 years.

About Vietnamese Community in Australia- WA

• Promote and Preserve Vietnamese Culture in Australia in line with the Multicultural policy of Australia. (e.g. Organise and encourage Vietnamese-Australian people to participate in Vietnamese traditional and cultural events such as Tet Festival, Lantern festival, and King Hung & the Trung Sisters Commemoration)

• Assist the Vietnamese refugees, migrants and their families to successfully integrate into the Australian multicultural society.

• Create and enhance a communal spirit among the various associations and members in the Vietnamese Community.

• Promote cross cultural understanding and community harmony.

The Vietnamese Community In Australia – Western Australia (VNCA/WA) is a non-profit cultural, social and welfare organisation managed by a Management Committee of the VNCWA. Under the umbrella of the VNCWA are over 20 associated organisations including the following:

• Vietnamese Senior Association of WA

• Vietnamese Women Association

• Vietnamese Veteran Association

• Vietnamese Youth and Student Association

• Vietnamese Cultural Association

• Viet Tan (Vietnam Reform Party)

• Vietnamese Professional Society in WA

• Vietnamese Catholic Community of WA

• Quan The Am Buddhist Association o

• The Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation

• Chanh Tin Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association

• Cao Dai Association of WA

• Hoa Hao Buddhist Association

• Vietnamese Buddhist Association of WA


  1. To maintain and to develop the mutual help between Vietnamese who are living in Western Australia as well as across the nation;
  2. To maintain and to develop good relations to other Vietnamese Communities all over the world with an aim to fight for an Independence, Freedom, Democracy and Prosperity Vietnam whose citizens can enjoy a full human rights defined by The International Declaration of Human Rights;
  3. To preserve and to develop the Vietnamese traditional culture;
  4. To encourage virtuous, intellectual and sport activities of the Vietnamese youth who are living in Western Australia
  5. To develop friendship with other ethnic communities within a freedom, democratic and multicultural society of Australia.
  6. To cooperate with Australian government in order to build a healthy and happy community


Thành viên BCH CĐ
CT: bs Nguyễn Anh Dũng, kiêm PCT Nội Vụ, CĐLB
TKK KS Phạm Quốc Hiệp
General Counsel: LS Yung Nguyễn
PCT Nội Vụ KS Thái Minh Chánh
PCT Ngoại vụ: TS Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Thơm
PCT Kế Hoạch: DS Nguyễn thành Đại
PCT Đặc trách Xã Hội và luật pháp: LS Madison Trần
Treasurer: Anna Nguyễn.