Burswood Focus Group Luncheon

Each year Burswood Entertainment Complex (Burswood) participates in a National Responsible Gambling Awareness Week campaign to raise awareness of responsible gambling among Burswood’s patrons and in the community generally.

Initiatives during Awareness Week are managed by Burswood’s dedicated Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) team who aim to:

  • provide problem gambling related assistance and referral information; and
  • promote and raise awareness of responsible gambling.

The RSG team frequently works with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.  As part of this year’s initiatives, we would like to meet with members of the community with a Vietnamese background to:

  • develop our cultural understanding to help us better assist those who are experiencing problems with their gambling;
  • ensure our work with individuals is undertaken in a culturally sensitive manner;
  • raise awareness of responsible gambling initiatives and programmes available at Burswood to assist patrons, or family members who are experiencing difficulties as a result of gambling.

It is proposed that the meeting be conducted as a focus group involving a broad cross section of community members with a Vietnamese background. The topics and questions proposed to be covered in the focus group will aim to obtain a general understanding of the participants thoughts on gambling, and help us to better develop our RSG processes to be more relevant to members of the Vietnamese community.

We will also present the focus group with information about responsible gambling as well as explain our current initiatives and programmes.

The meetings will include a sit down lunch and will be conducted and facilitated by the Manager of our Responsible Gambling Team, Ms Pam Evans.

We seek your views on this proposal, and if you are agreeable, your assistance in identifying 20 people to participate on Thursday 20th May, 2010.

If you have any questions concerning this invitation, please contact Pam Evans on 9362 7914 or email Pamela.evans@burswood.com.au by the 30th April 2010.

Once participation is confirmed, Pam will call or e-mail participants prior to the luncheon and provide them with details as to the location.

Focus Group Luncheon

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