The Vietnamese Community from all states and territories in Australia farewells its Father and Savior – The Right Honorable Malcolm Fraser, AC, CH


We received the news of the Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser’s passing with deep sadness.

We wish to express our heart-felt condolences to his family and friends. In times like this, no words can bring solace to such a great loss.

Mr Fraser has been, and will remain, the father and savior of our community. He took us in, en masse, during the darkest hours of the history of Vietnam, when hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people fled the country to escape the Communists following the Fall of Saigon 40 years ago, in 1975. Not since the abolition of the White Australia policy did this country receive such a large number of refugees from South East Asia. Many of us arrived directly in Darwin without any official paperwork and we were accepted into this country.

For that we are deeply and forever grateful.image001

Mr Fraser’s legacy extends way beyond his generosity to the Vietnamese people. His commitment to human rights, to ending apartheid, to Aboriginal rights, to asylum seekers and his relentless pursuit of a fair and just Australia and the world had made Australia proud and Australia a better nation.

Australia is right: Malcolm Fraser had been the moral compass of this nation.

Mr. Fraser, you will remain in our hearts forever.


Tri Vo – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia

Bon Nguyen – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/Vic Chapter

Thang Ha – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/NSW Chapter

Cuong Bui – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/QLD Chapter

Loc Doan – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/SA Chapter

Anh Nguyen – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/WA Chapter

Cong Le – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/ACT Chapter

Thien Le – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/NT Chapter

Teresa Tran – President, Vietnamese Community in Australia/Wollongong Chapter


And all the Vietnamese people in Victoria, Mr. Fraser’s home state:

Vietnamese Veterans Association of Victoria and all the Vietnamese Veterans groups families Vietnamese Catholic Community – Melbourne Lions Club of Melbourne Vietnamese
RSL Victoria DânChúa Catholic Magazine SICMAA
Descendants of the Vietnamese Veterans Association Linh Sơn Temple (Reservoir) VOICE Australia (Vietnamese Overseas Initiatives for Conscience Empowerment)
Vietnamese Cultural & Heritage Centre Quang Minh Temple (Braybrook) The Loving-Kindness and Compassion Society
Prudential & Supervisory Council of the VCA Vic Quang Đứcc temple (Fawkner) Vietnamese Health Professionals Association
Governance Committee of the Dual Identity Leadership Program Hoa Nghiêm temple (Springvale) Vietnamese Students Association of Victoria (VSA Vic)
Steering Committee of the Dual Identity Leadership Program Baptist church (Springvale) Vietnamese Students Association of Melbourne University
Vietnamese Herald Newspaper Kew Baptist church Vietnamese Students Association of Monash University
SBS Radio – Vietnamese Section Hoà Hảo Budhist Faith YietKieu scouts group
Community  radio channel FM 88.9 Vien Xu Caodaism Faith Phu Dong scouts group
Community  radio channel Vien Xu Blog 8406 Hoa Lu scouts group
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